About Us

People Before Profit Alliance is a new alliance of community activists, grass-roots campaigners, trade unionists and socialists. We are organised across Dublin and elsewhere in the country.

We linked up with other independent and left candidates to provide a real alternative in the recent general election.

In the 2007 General Election, Rory Hearne stood for People Before Profit Alliance in Dublin South East.

Rory Hearne

People Before Profit stands for:

Free, Quality, Healthcare for All
•A Fair Tax System
•Housing for All
•Decent Public Transport
•Workers Rights
•Real Local Democracy
•Protect our Environment
•Keep Ireland out of Bush’s War
•People Power

Locally People Before Profit (DSE) stands for:

If you agree with what People Before Profit stands for and would like to get involved or just find out more please get in touch:

email-1.jpg pbp_dse@yahoo.ie
phone_rotary_symbol1.png 086 152 3542 or 087 698 8540

Rory Hearne, Local People Before Profit Rep in Dublin South East


People Before Profit on Facebook

If you are on Facebook, simply log on to www.facebook.comSearch for “People Before Profit”

The Dublin South East People Before Profit Group should appear.

Join to receive updates on events, campaigns, protests, etc.


One Response

  1. Nick Kavanagh – 2008-07-03 14:00:59
    Just up the coast a little bit, in Co Mayo an act of treason has occured, perpetrated by the same people that are determined to make not just Sligo but all the people of the North West second class citizens. what Fianna F’ail has given to their friends and multi national companies belongs to all of the Irish people. Of course i’m talking about OIL& GAS worth billions of euros, Money that could pay for centers of exellence all over the country. They have also agreed that the tax payers will pay the expenses of extracting and processing for these multi national companies.The two main opposition parties are not saying a word about this. I WONDER WHY?

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