EPA Wrong on Poolbeg Incinerator

Rory Hearne, People Before Profit Alliance Dublin South East, local resident and active campaigner with the Combined Residents Against the Incinerator speaking on the EPA decision said:

“Local residents of Ringsend, Irishtown and Sandymount are once more devasated and dissapointed by a state body’s decision in relation to the incinerator. I was one of the hundred or so local residents that attended the EPA’s Oral Hearing and made statements to it outlining the impact on the health of the community if the incinerator was to ahead. However just as with An Bord Pleanala the EPA has ruled in favour of an anti-community, illogical and unsustainable monster incinerator. It is a PPP and therefore will be operated to maximise profits for the private company which will result in maximising waste production rather than minimsing and reclying waste.

John Gormley, Minister for Environment has failed to use his power to stop this incinerator. He should respect the wishes of his constituents and tender his resignation. Despite this decision, however, the community remains resolute to fight this on every level, legally, and on the streets. The message will be heard clear- the residents will not allow an incinerator be built on the Poolbeg.”



One Response

  1. http://galwaytent.blogspot.com/2008/11/incinerator-would-cost-at-least-27500.html

    It seems a Dublin Bay Incinerator at Poolbeg would cost at least 100,000 man-years of life.

    This is for the first 15 years,
    for Dublin’s population of 1 million.

    Basis: Estimates by British Society for Ecological Medicine
    using World Health Organisation Air Quality Guidelines

    American’s will live up to 2 years longer than Europeans,
    – due to air quality standards.
    Basis: European Respiratory Society.

    An incinerator is basically a deadly particles generator. Dublin City Council has spent €19 million to promote its cynical one-sided case for the Dublin Bay Incinerator at Poolbeg.

    Apparently there has been a total omission of the health impacts – apart from spin such as ‘you can not prove that’. This is the tobacco industry defence.


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