Public Meeting: Stand Up Against The Cuts

Public Meeting: Stand Up Against The Cuts

Tuesday December 2nd 7.30pm
Ringsend Community Centre, Thorncastle St.

Rory Hearne, (People Before Profit Alliance)
Bernard Lynch, (Local Secondary School Teacher)
Janette Byrne, (Patients Together)

Organised by People Before Profit Alliance
Contact: 086-1523542/086-8288303

The cuts include:
Supports for children with special needs, health services, cancer screening, community crèches, community workers and services, disability services; cuts in language support; access to free school books, increased class sizes, and more. We believe children, workers and the most marginalised of our community should not pay for government mismanagement.

During last year’s election John Gormley promised that he supported the reduction of class sizes and opposed private co-located hospitals, yet he has voted for them in Government this year. For John Gormley and the Green Party being in Government appears to be more important than the commitments they made to the people that elected them. We must raise our voices like the pensioners and oppose the other cut backs in education, health,
community crèches, and other areas.
Find out more about what you can do at the meeting on the 2nd in Ringsend.
The People Before Profit Alliance is campaigning against the cut backs, for more investment in public services and for decent wage increases for workers to cover cost of living increases.


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