Teachers organise to fight Education Cuts

Last week the government decided to:

  1.  Increase class sizes in primary schools
  2.  Abolish substitute cover for teachers
  3.  Increase school transport charges
  4.  Axe English language teachers
  5.  Reduce funding to special needs children
  6.  Slash Traveller education funding
  7.  Cut teacher numbers by at least 1,000
  8.  Eliminate the free book scheme
  9.  Stop books for school libraries
  10. Halt the Education for Persons with Special Needs Act
  11. Abandon funding for school computers
  12. Cut funding for primary school building by 5%


Gather outside the DAIL next WEDNESDAY, 29th OCTOBER at 6.30pm to show government you want these cuts reversed.

See: www.into.ie


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