Large crowd attend Left Unity Meeting in Dublin

The People Before Profit Alliance organised a public meeting on Thursday 17th at 8pm in Wynns Hotel, Dublin. Francois Duval founder of a new anti-capitalist party in France was joined on a platform to discuss the need for a New Left in Europe by Richard Boyd Barrett (People Before Profit Alliance) and Joan Collins, independent councillor from Crumlin.

It was a very large and enthusiastic meeting with a broad diversity of people. Around 200 people packed the room in Wynn’s Hotel with only standing room at one stage. In Tralee around 30 people came to hear Francois Duval, Dermot Connolly (Campaign for an Independant Left) and Richard Boyd Barrett (People Before Profit) and in Waterford around 25 people came to hear speakers including Jimmy Kelly (Unite Trade Union) and Dick Roche (Waterford Trades Council).

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In Dublin, Francois Duval spoke about the French developments coming out of the defeat of the EU Constitiution in 2005, culminating in the gathering together of a new anti capitalist party in formation at the present time.
Joan Collins spoke well and said that the people she was working with in the Crumlin Workers Action Group were interested in the development that People Before Profit represented and were discussing ways of uniting. Paddy Healy relayed a message from Seamus Healy, former Tipperary TD that they too were supportive, as did a speaker from the Workers Party. Joan Collins spoke of the urgency of the situation saying something along the lines of “The train is moving, it’s time to get aboard”.
Richard Boyd Barrett gave a barnstorming speech that was very enthusiastically received. He pointed out that the No vote was a class vote that indicated the lack of representation of the huge number of people that rejected privatisation and the rest of the neo-liberal agenda, rejected the militarisation of Europe. Neither Labour, nor the Greens could provide that alternative and it required the creation of a new left.
Brid Smith (SWP & People Before Profit), to great applause, called for Joe Higgins and the SP to be fraternally encouraged to participate. Joan and others commented that the talk of the time not being right was a big mistake and remarked “If not now, when?”
This was a very important meeting and signals for the first time some real progress in the coming together of various strands of the left, in an attempt to forge a new left alliance.



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