Yes side ‘brow beating’ public on Treaty

A No campaigner in the Lisbon Treaty today accused the Yes side of “brow beating” the public into voting for the treaty and of misrepresenting key issues in the debate.

People Before Profit canvassing on Grafton St today

Richard Boyd Barrett, of the People Before Profit Alliance, today accused those campaigning for a Yes vote in Thursday’s referendum of raising “straw-man” arguments as part of their campaign tactics. He also accused some sections of the media of ignoring the real issues by over-focusing on business interests in the debate.

In a statement, Mr Boyd Barrett said recent polls showed that the No sentiment is disproportionately coming from the working class and young people who are directly affected by issues such as workers rights and public services.

He said that key areas of the debate such as public services, privatisation, EU militarisation and neutrality are being underplayed or simply ignored, with the Yes side trying to “brow beat the public the public into voting for the treaty using fear and the dishonest argument that it was about being pro- or anti-Europe”.

Mr Boyd Barrett described the Treaty as an erosion of democracy as it would give “greater power to people who are either not elected at all or who are not directly elected by Irish citizens”.

The People Before Profit Alliance will continue its campaign today on Grafton Street in Dublin. Speakers will include Mr Boyd Barrett, group co-convenor Ailbhe Smyth and Kieran Allen, a member of Siptu’s education branch.


One Response

  1. Hey,

    Many people are counting on you in europe to say no to this treaty. Hold on!

    Say yes to people, no to profits.

    Romain (france).

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