www.sayno.ie Press Conference Video


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  1. Please keep in mind that many millions more hate the Lisbon Treaty then embrase it!! It is all in your hands to send this treaty to the wastebin!! Keep your own integrity. The EU brought you wealth just the way it is now. Why change it! Because your boss or your local MP wants you to say yes??? It should make you think or at least raise an eyebrow!!

    So please say no on thursday, NODAY!!

    The Nethrlands

  2. please say no ! nous sommes si nombreux, ici, à espérer du peuple Irlandais le rejet du traité de Lisbonne . Et si jamais le oui devait l’emporter, l’important serait de ne surtout pas se résigner au pire. Je vous invite à visiter le site d’Etienne Chouard et son projet d’une autre constitution Européenne (il y a des traductions dans différentes langues) :
    De tout coeur avec vous !

  3. To all people from Ireland my friends and I say THANKS for the “NO” Franz from Austria

  4. Right! Bravo Eire! More Europeans should stand up like the Irish and reject that despicable instrument of oppression concocted by the representatives of the rich and powerful in Europe who, on top of everything, march to the tune of genocidal USA and support all its crimes without a trace of criticism.
    Right wing Europe, all those Merkels, Sarkozys and Berlusconis should not be allowed to impose their policies upon a population that is already suffering increasing unemployment, poverty and complete absence of any hope for improvement. In Germany, and not only here, the docile, ignorant and generously paid loudspeakers of power, the journalists (especially TV journalists) serve basically as mere parrots of the people who actually rule the world. And the populations keep quiet! How long?

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