Richard Boyd Barrett challenges Former Taoiseach on Lisbon Treaty

Click on above video to watch the discussion

Richard Boyd Barrett, from the People Before Profit Alliance in a debate with former Taoiseach Dr. Gareth Fitzgerald on RTE’s Six One News this evening called on people to read the Lisbon treaty for themselves and not to rely on the spin.

Richard Boyd Barrett commented: “All the evidence you need is in the Treaty itself. Lisbon accelerates the militarization of the EU. In contrast to all other areas of public policy, Lisbon Article 28 requires member states to increase their military spending and make their facilities available for EU military activity”

“Most worrying all”, Boyd Barrett commented, “is the manner in which Lisbon allows for the privatization of public services. Since the 1980s the EU has moved to restructure essential public services such as water and sanitation, public transport, energy, post and telecoms as private business. Now, with the Lisbon Treaty, our health, education and social care systems are in their sights.”

Boyd Barrett accused Yes campaigners of “clearly ignoring the fact that the Lisbon Treaty explicitly states (Article 188C(4)) that the veto in relation to international trade agreements will be removed for social, health and education.

“This will make it easier to open up health and education to competition via WTO trade agreements in the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS).”

“If Lisbon is ratified it will only be possible to veto a trade deal in very exceptional and undefined circumstances If you do not want trade in public services, then why surrender the veto? The only reason to remove the veto on trade in healthcare or education is to make it easier to push through privatisation.”

For further comment: Richard Boyd Barrett 087-6329511


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