Dubliners encouraged to attend Lisbon Treaty Debates

Rory Hearne of the People Before Profit Alliance, is encouraging people from accross to city to find out more about the  Lisbon Treaty by attending upcoming debates between the yes and no sides.

The first public Debate entitled: “Lisbon Treaty: Vote Yes or No? How will Lisbon impact on democracy, neutrality and public services?” takes place on
Tuesday, 20th May at 8 pm in the SAYS Youth services office, 4 Whitefriar, Aungier St , Dublin 2.

Speakers at the debate include Des Bonass (Unite union), Patricia McKenna (former Green Party MEP), a Speaker from the Irish Alliance for Europe and Rory Hearne (People Before Profit Alliance ) will chair the meeting.

Hearne said that the Lisbon Treaty will have very significant impacts on people’s lives in terms of the privatisation of public services, reducing democratic control and promoting the militarisation of Europe. It is really important therefore that people are informed of the issues, debate them out and get involved. This  meeting in Aungier St is being organised to give people an opportunity to do this. Another debate is also set for  Wednesday, 28th May in DIT, Rathmines Rd. Details to follow.

For information contact Rory Hearne at 0861523542




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