Alliance calls on government to show same honesty about Treaty as IBEC

The People Before Profit Alliance, speaking ahead of Fianna Fail’s launch of their Lisbon Campaign, call on the government to show the same degree of honesty as IBEC have on the Lisbon Treaty.

In a rare display of honesty IBEC exposed the neo-liberal underbelly of the Lisbon Treaty in their welcoming of the “new business opportunities” that will be opened up to Irish companies should Lisbon be ratified.

IBEC’s welcoming of the “increased opportunities for Irish business particularly in areas subject to increasing liberalisation such as health, education, transport, energy and the environment” confirm what No campaigners have long been arguing.

People Before Profit No to Lisbon Campaign

People Before Profit National

People before Profit spokesperson Niall Smyth commented: “Instead of trying to either frighten, bully or bore people into voting yes the People Before Profit Alliance call on the government to show the same degree of honesty displayed by IBEC and lay out the true implications of a yes vote to Lisbon.”

Smyth continues: “People Before Profit are calling for a No on Lisbon because we believe that it will make Europe more undemocratic, increase the militarisation of the EU, undermine our neutrality and ultimately lead to further privatisation of public services including health and education.

“The Lisbon Treaty would creates a Europe committed to the free market competition and restrict the power of member states to act in defence of the public sector and their citizen’s welfare.”

Describing the much vaunted ‘Charter of Fundamental Rights’ as nothing but soft-sell window-dressing, Ailbhe Smyth, Co-Convenor of the Alliance, said it was “designed to shift the focus of attention from the market, business and profit-driven thrust of the Treaty as a whole. The vast majority of the rights included are already protected by other European and international human rights instruments. The Charter in fact rolls back workers’ rights by failing to include a clause requiring the recognitions of trades unions. Basing its judgements on the Charter, the European Court of Justice has recently ruled against workers’ rights and in favour of employers and business interests.”

The People Before Profit Alliance, will officially launch their No Campaign this week and will be campaigning vigorously across Ireland against the Treaty.


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