St Luke’s Cancer Hospital Campaign disappointed with lack of support from Chris Andrews T.D and John Gormley T.D.

The Save St Luke’s Campaign held a photo shoot at St Luke’s Cancer Hospital Rathgar to raise awareness about a protest march being organised on June 7th and to call on local political representatives to support the campaign to save the hospital. Visit

John Gormley’s silence

The Save St Luke’s Cancer Hospital Campaign expresses disappointment that it did not get a response from John Gormley TD who’s representative spoke at the last protest and John Gormley stated he supported the campaign before the last election. We are calling on him to make clear his position.

Chris Andrews (FF) supports the closure of St Lukes Cancer Hospital

The campaign is very disappointed that Fianna Fail TD Chris Andrews who has formerly expressed his support for St Luke’s Cancer Hospital made it clear that he now supports the closure of cancer services in St Luke’s. He stated to the campaign that: “My view, as I have published and articulated in the dail just last week is that I support the cancer control strategy.”

Government Cancer strategy would mean end of Lukes

The cancer control strategy involves the closure of cancer services in St Luke’s and their transfer to St James’s Hospital which the Save St Luke’s Campaign opposes because the impact on patient care. The hospital is currently a public cancer hospital but when it is transferred to St James’ it will be as Mary Harney recently informed us “achieved through a combination of direct Exchequer provision, PPP and where appropriate, the use of the private sector.”


Rory Hearne 086 1523542

Marie Harford 01 4979953

Ciaran Behan 087 1379634

Save St Luke’s Campaign

6 Rathmines Close, Upper Rathmines Rd, Dublin 6



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