TEEU Union calls on members to vote NO to Lisbon Treaty

The country’s largest craft union, the Technical, Engineering and Electrical Union (TEEU), which represents 45,000 workers, yesterday announced its intention to encourage members to vote against the treaty on June 12. It joins UNITE, representing both AMICUS and the ATGWU, in advocating a No vote.

Click here to read the TEEU statement


2 Responses

  1. TEEU should stick to their own job. It is bad enough that they are putting their own members on the dole by trying to FORCE through a ridiculous pay hike that will not be recieved by the majority of electricians, Because Employers don’t have it & thay only look after the lads in the big companys. There is a lot more electricians out their.

  2. Employers don’t have it?? Why where has it suddenly disappeared to overnight- pull the other one. It’s like the banks and the inability to pay. Fair play to Unite, TEEU, IBOA and others who put in claims. Don’t believe the hype- make the bosses pay!

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