Raytheon Nine Trial- Support the 9- Put Raytheon on Trial

On Wednesday 9 August 2006, nine anti-war protestors, including the civil rights activist and campaigning journalist Eamonn McCann, occupied and closed down the offices of Raytheon at Springtown in Derry, during a protest organised by the Derry Anti-War Coalition.

The action was part of a wider protest on the day at the presence of Raytheon, the fifth biggest arms manufacturer in the world, and their complicity in the murderous Israeli bombardment of Lebanon and the on-going wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was, for instance, a Raytheon Guided Bomb Unit which was used in the atrocity in Qana.

The nine were arrested and now stand trial for their actions.

The Raytheon 9 Trial starts Monday May19th, Laganside, Belfast.

For more on the issue please visit:



2 Responses

  1. WOW you people need a life. if it wasn’t for raytheon and what they build then America would be in trouble. stop being selfish

  2. Well life would be something that those who died at the hands of Raytheon at Cana would love right now. I’m sure they don’t find the actions selfish. The only people who would find it selfish are the war-mongers making billions from death and destruction caused by the weapons they manufacture. Well done to the raytheon 9.

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