Lobby Brian Cowen and the Dail for a decent public health service

Campaign for a Decent Public Health Service

Lobby by trade unionists, patients’, hospital and health groups

Wednesday 7th May 2008, 1 –2 p.m,

Dáil Eireann, Dublin

Supported by:

Dublin Council of Trade Unions
Youth Committee ICTU
Patients Together

Des Derwin, President, Dublin Council of Trade Unions: 087 6229686 or dctuhealth@gmail.com

At the Campaign’s Representative Conference on 26th April one of the activities agreed on was to lobby the Dáil for a decent public health service on the occasion of Brian Cowen’s elevation to Taoiseach on Wednesday 7th May. The lobby will take place from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. in front of Leinster House,Kildare Street.

The Campaign for A Decent Public Health Service march in Dublin on 29th March united trade unions, patients’ and hospital groups, health professionals and people from various regions in a demand for a health service accessible to all in need.

Since then there have been more scandals and a determined programme of disimprovement, cutbacks and hospital downgrades by the government and the HSE. They are determined, but so are we. In the next while we shall be publicising our timetable of major campaign activities for the coming months.


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