Protest at Cherryorchard Hospital over cuts

A large and lively protest took place today outside Cherryorchard Hospital by carers, patients and supporters in the Ballyfermot area. Two weeks ago carers who look after their loved ones at home were told by phone calls from the HSE that roll-over respite care had been cut due to budgetary constraints.

Click HERE to watch RTE NEWS Report on the Protest

To listen to carers speak on RTE Radio 1 about the protest click here go to 5 mins 04 secs into the clip.

The impact of these health cuts mean that over 50 families in the Ballyfermot area alone will not receive any respite care for the foreseeable future. Their lives and the lives of their patients will be severly affected. Carers do a job that save the health service billions of euro each year. This cutback is hitting the most vunerable of people in our communities.

Brid Smith the local rep for the People for Before Profit Alliance who organised the protest said, “These cutbacks are inhuman. There is outrage in our community over this and todays protest is the first of many that carers and the wider community will engage in to force the HSE to rescind these cuts. The HSE should look to its own back door and the money that is paid out each year in massive salaries and bonus payments to over 600 senior management. In the long run these cuts will cost our health service dearly as many families will be unable to sustain home care and may have to place their loved ones in full time hospital or nursing home care. It is only people power can that stop these cuts and it is time to put people before profit.”

Anthony Butler who lives on Decies Road and cares for his mother at home said, “Both my mother and I rely completely on the respite service. If this cut is allowed to proceed I worry for our mental health and I will find it impossible to maintain home caring for my mother. It is time for the people to stand up together and stay on the streets until the Government listen to us.”

For further information contact Brid Smith at 087 9090166


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