Residents protest at start of Dublin Incinerator Oral Hearing

The Combined Residents Against the Incinerator (CRAI) are holding a protest at the first day of the Environmental Protection Agency’s oral hearing into the proposed Dublin Incinerator.

Where: Outside the Gresham Hotel, O Connell St

When: 9.30am This morning Monday April 14th 2008

Frances Corr of CRAI speaking at the protest said:

“The proposed mass-burn Dublin Incinerator is a flawed, dangerous, extravagant and a totally unsuitable solution to the waste management of the Dublin region. The site is completely unsuitable. We will show at this EPA Oral Hearing that the EPA must refuse this licence in order to achieve sustainable development. The proposed incinerator will require guaranteeing a waste stream and tip fee contract which mitigates against recycling, reuse and reduce principles.

The Draft EPA licence stated that all waste should be pre-treated to remove the waste that should be recycled and in fact DCC is objecting to this, and other, conditions. This demonstrates that DCC want a mass burn incinerator that will treat 600,000 metric tons of waste in order to make it economical for the private partners Covanta/Dong.”

Furthermore, CRAI is asking Minister Gormley to expand on his recent statements that incineration is no longer government policy and clearly define what will replace incineration. If this were known the campaign believes it would be a matter of considerable influence on the outcome of this oral hearing,

Recently issued figures for predicted waste disposal in the Country appear to show that, if alternative modern technologies are adopted, the total available national supply of residual waste for incineration would be of the order of 627,000 tonnes. We are asking the Minister to confirm this figure and state what proposals are before him to introduce these technologies.

Clearly if this figure is correct the required capacity of the proposed Dublin incinerator has been seriously overstated and, therefore, if the policy is implemented it would lead to the incinerator becoming redundant.

For information contact:

Frances Corr:0877715825

May Kane:0876994279

Rory Hearne: 0861523542


One Response


    The Irish EPA approved the Dublin Bay Incinerator in November 2007 using the proposed EU standard for air pollution (25 µg/m3 for PM2.5).

    Compared to the EU standard of 25 µg/m3

    * the percentage reduction in deaths from PM2.5 pollution could grow by more than seven times if PM2.5 levels were reduced to 10 µg/m3 .

    The World Health Organization standard is 10 µg/m3. In California, where hard cash decides, the standard is 12 µg/m3. Did the Toxic Chemicals EU Lobby in Brussels buy off your MEPs in Brussels to set the reckless EU standard?

    Will the EPA protect the public or just tick a legal box? Will you then wheeze into an early grave?

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