Campaign for a Decent Public Health Service Conference April 26th

Dublin Council of Trade Unions
Youth Committee ICTU
Patients Together
Campaign for A Decent Public Health Service Conference

Saturday 26th April 2008
1pm to 5pm
The Trinity Suite, Gresham Hotel, O’Connell Street, Dublin

As announced at the national march and rally on 29th March, the DCTU and others are convening a representative conference, of all the bodies representing health workers, patients and hospital campaigners and concerned medical professionals, on Saturday 26th April in Dublin. This is an important, as the Campaign needs to build and develop beyond the national demo which happened.

The purpose of the conference is to decide on the next steps in the Campaign, to discuss and formulate aims and to work on a strategy for the Campaign.

An invitation is being issued to the Health trade unions, all Trades Councils and to the Campaigns and advocate bodies working for a decent public health and hospital service, to send five delegates each.

If you do not receive an invitation, and think your organisation should attend, please contact the organising committee at


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