Over 100 people attend No to Lisbon Meeting

Over 100 people attended the People Before Profit meeting on the Lisbon Treaty at which a Dutch MP, Harry van Bommel spoke in Dublin. Mr. Van Bommel addressed the issue of why Irish votes should follow the Dutch lead and Vote NO to the reconstituted EU Constitution, the Lisbon Treaty.

Mr. Van Bommel successfully led the no-campaign during the referendum on the European Constitution in 2005 and is currently leading a campaign in Holland to have a second referendum on the new European treaty.

The Irish people are the only EU citizens who will be allowed to vote on the Lisbon treaty. We are voting for the other 450 million people in people in Europe who are denied a vote. The Lisbon treaty is a re-run of the EU constitution rejected in 2005 by the people of France and Holland .

The meeting took place on Friday April 4th 8pm in Wynns Hotel, Lower Abbey Street, Dublin

Mr van Bommel was joined by leading Irish campaigners against the Lisbon Treaty including Richard Boyd Barrett from People Before Profit and Jimmy Kelly, Regional Secretary of UNITE.




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