Public Meeting: Crisis in the Health Service

Public meeting
Crisis in Health Service
Wednesday March 19th at 7pm
Madisons Bar, upper Rathmines Road

The speakers include, Dr Peadar O Grady, author of the pamphlet ‘Health Crisis’, Janet Byrne of Patients’ Together and other health experts.

The public meeting will discuss the current health crisis and how we can campaign to support a decent public health service. Isn’t it time for the public, health workers and patients’ groups to get together to demand a civilised Public Health Service? Ireland is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, yet we have a crisis-ridden Health Service. This is despite the dedication and care of those struggling to provide the best possible service. The speakers at the meeting will address these issues.

The meeting will also discuss how we can inform the public and organisations in the Rathmines area about the protest march and rally for A DECENT PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE that is taking place on Saturday 29th March. The demonstration will begin at Parnell Square, Dublin. The march is organized by the DUBLIN COUNCIL OF TRADE UNIONS and the ICTU Youth Committee.

Contact: 086 1523542 or



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