Fianna Fail Councilllor in Louth plays race card

Fianna Fail County Councillor tried to blame migrant workers for pushing down wages while Ministers in his own party take major pay hike.

Fianna Fail Councillor in Louth, Jimmy Mulroy Fianna Fail Councillor plays ‘race card’

At a time where each day sees more corrupt revelations about Fianna Fail politicians and Ministers take a major pay hike, Louth County Council chairperson, Jimmy Mulroy, claimed that unskilled migrant workers should not necessarily get paid same as Irish workers working along side them. He believed that they should get the wage they would get in their home country. This is an extension of the argument being used by companies like Irish Ferries, which brought tens of thousands onto the streets in protest.
His remarks are racist and designed to deflect attention from the corruption rife in his own party. To suppress migrant workers wages only serves to help employers to push down wages. Migrant workers deserve equal pay to Irish workers who do the same job along side them. It is classic divide and conquer ideology, pitting workers against each other. A fight for a proper wage for migrant workers in fact would help defend a decent wage for all workers.

It is Fianna Fail and their fat-cat business backers who are the real scroungers in Ireland.

Make your feelings known to councilor Mulroy by e-mail on:


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